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As discussed in the previous article, we will be using IBC Aquaponics for our Aquaponics system. We have separated one IBC to use as a fish tank, and the remaining two IBC's will be cut into 3 parts to use as growbeds and one part as a sump. In this article I will show you how to make the growbeds and the sump.
To start, let's separate the base, the cage and the plastic tanks from the remaining two IBC's. Use a battery drill along with T-30, T-35, T-40 driver security bits to remove the screws holding the cage to the IBC baseline. Depending on the IBC type, you can use an ordinary hex headed machine screws.

Let's do the cutting on the cage to make the growbeds and sump. For better handling, lay the cage on its side to do the cuts. You should use thin abrasive cutting discs. If required, you should remove sharp edges with a sandpaper flap wheel or a flat file.
In this IBC aquaponics design, the two plastic tanks will be cut to form 3 grow beds and one sump. Divide the plastic tanks into three parts, each. The 375 mm (15'') piece from the first tank will serve as a sump and the same cut piece from the second tank will serve as the rear grow bed.

Use the piece from the bottom of the tank, this way you will have the tap/the valve included in your sump. For the second grow bed use the 350mm (14") piece, which is from the top of the tank. Finally, the same cut piece from the second IBC tank will be used as a second front grow bed.
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