Learn how to build a aquaponics fish tank

In the following article we will find out how to build a simply aquaponics fish tank with the help of three IBC's. Firstly you need to purchase or lease the IBC's. After that you have to choose which one will make a good fish tank, while with the other two you can cut one into three growbeds and the other one will be used as a sump.
How to choose the proper IBC for a fish tank? Well, you have to look carefully at the pallet base, and choose the one with the best pallet base condition.. We must do this because we need a strong, solid fish tank as sometimes when discarding the IBC's from a truck, for instance, some of the cages can suffer fork lift damage. If an IBC has a damaged pallet case you can use that one for Grow Beds.
Another thing is that you have to spot for rust in the metal coating. If you find rust in these places, you should use some cold galvanic pressure can paints (silver frost) for the cage, as they are easier to paint but also cleaner to use on steel. You can use a spray gun or a compressor or just paint it with a brush.
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Cut out on top the chosen IBC for a fish tank, to allow better fish access. Remove the side-to-side top bars from the IBC and pull out the plastic tank. In some cases you could lay the IBC on a side or remove the base bars. Also, gently, try levering the tank out. Don't forget to keep the bolts in a secure place for later.

Cut the top out from the plastic tank. Measure a 5"(120mm) line on the top of the IBC, from the edge to the center. You can use a jigsaw to remove the top from the plastic tank.Now you must look for any rust in the galvanizing coating. It's recommended to paint the metal to keep it safe from further degradation but also for aesthetic purposes, if you want it to look good in your backyard.
You need to prepare the tank for painting(primed), in order for the paint to stick for a long time. You can find some of the best primers in the auto-shops. Choose a dark colour for the paint on the top coat.This is mandatory to keep out sunlight. When the system is up and running, green algae can develop on the inside surfaces of the fish tank so therefore we must use light blocker colours. Eventually, green algae will develop inside the tank, but dark paint will reduce the size and number of algae, significantly.
Be sure to let the paint dry for a few hours. The final step in building the aquaponics fish tank is to re-assemble the cage as well as the base and the tank.Don't forget about the bolts you placed in a secure spot.
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