General knowlidge about aquaponics

Aquaponics is ,in substance, a combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture . Aquaculture symbolizes the farming of aquatic organisms,for example fish,molluscs, crustaceans and water plants.Basically Aquaculture is raising freshwater and saltwater populations under controlled circumstances.

Hydroponics is a subdivision of hydroculture and symbolizes growing plants with the help of mineral nutrinets in water & it doesn't require soil at all. Unfortunately both Hydroponics and Aquaculture have disadvantages, for instance Hydroponics need costly nutrients to feed the plants and also requires periodic flushing of the systems which can lead to waste disposal issues. But when these methods are combined all the bad aspects transform into good ones, therefore this system is considered the perfect "fish and vegetable growing" mechanism. .The fishes feed with plants and the vegetables feed with fish waste.
Why is the classic soil growing method far inferior then aquaponics?
Because is a system that does not require fertilizers and only uses very little energy, sometimes as little as it takes to run less than four light globes. Also it requires about 10% of the water used in the classic soil growing
OK OK so how does it work?
Take a look at the following picture where we can see a fully operational system :

The system pictured is made of fish tank , and a growbed which has gravel placed above the level of the fish tank . Water is fired up from the fish tank into the gravel filled growbed. The water leakes down through the gravel, past the roots of the plants before draining back into the fish tank. The plants use the water and nutrients they need to grow, sanitizing the water for the fish.On the surface bacteria develops which transforms ammonia wastes from the fish into nitrates which plants needs.This process is known as “the nitrogen cycle” and it is the most importantpart. . Plants are grown in floating foam rafts that sit on the water surface. Vegetables can also be grown with the help of Nutrient Film Technique , or through different other methods using a so-called “run to waste” method. This can be achieved by eliminating a certain ratio of the fish water each day and watering vegetables planted in different enviroments like coir peat, vermiculite, perlite etc. A variety of fish species can be grown in an Aquaponic system, but choosing the best fish species often depends from various factors.A lot of fishes can be grown in an Aquaponic system and it can be extremely productive in a short period of time.Read about it in the next article.
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